About Shy Studios

Shy Studios was founded in 2016 by Shy in an effort to pursue a professional identity for creation of source engine related game design services. Since then Shy Studios has expanded into multiple different fields of work including video production, full spectrum game design, and entertainment research technologies. The name “Shy” is actually a play on words of “SHI” or “Shaoxing Heavy Industries [绍兴市重业有限公司]” the original parent company of Shy Studios. SHI was sold, along with Shy Studios in 2019 to “Nogata Industrial Labs [野方産業研究所]” A Japanese research conglomerate.

About Shy

Owner and sole operator of Shy Studios former COO of SHI and current Vice President of NILs. I began Shy Studios as a project to provide game companies a reliable high quality method of producing garry’s mod levels. I convinced the SHI board to acquire Shy Studios in 2018 for 200 Million. In 2020 After SHI was bought out and the former board dissolved I was promoted to Vice President of NILs due to my cunning business skills.

I have experience in business management, industrial electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, P&ID design, PID controller tuning, PLC programming, micro controller programming, natural gas and oil technologies, instrumentation implementation and troubleshooting, general robotics, mechanical engineering, process control management, manufacturing process design, industrial safety auditing, and security consulting. I am also skilled in 3d modeling, CADD, texture creation, sound design, photography, video production, and level design.