About ShyStudios

ShyStudios was founded in 2016 by Shy in an effort to pursue a professional identity for creation of source engine related game design services. Since then ShyStudios has expanded into multiple different fields of work including video production, full spectrum game design, and entertainment research technologies. This website contains the various works from the members of ShyStudios.

There have been 53847 visitors since March 13th 2022. The website has been on-line since 2017!

About Shy

I have experience in business management, industrial electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, P&ID design, PID controller tuning, PLC programming, micro controller programming, natural gas and oil technologies, instrumentation implementation and troubleshooting, general robotics, mechanical engineering, process control management, manufacturing process design, industrial safety auditing, and security consulting. I am also skilled in 3d modeling, CADD, texture creation, sound design, photography, video production, and level design. Hire me as your project manager/director!

I can be contacted via my main business email address:shy@shystudios.us [PGP] I check this often! If you havn't gotten a reply in a few days then CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!! I also am the main producer for the ShyStudios Official Youtube Channel, meaning 75% of videos there are just stupid videos I make for fun with the other 25% being actual helpful or important videos. Please not add me on my Steam without first talking with me via email, but there it is just to prove that is my real account. Again, please check your spam folder. I am 'Shy' on the facepunch and mapcore forums.

About Gunther

I am a graphic design consultant based in Tokyo, with experience in the fields of typography, illustration, concept art, animation, photography, copywriting, translation/localization, and more. I have previously worked on projects including comprehensive brand identity design, video production, UI/UX design and localization, as well as live interpretation (Japanese/English). Through my ongoing collaboration with ShyStudios, I have been able to apply my artistic expertise in areas such as game asset creation and art direction.