Shy Studios

About Shy

I have a background in American style structural architecture, mechatronics, computer programming, and various trade/engineering fields. I have experience in industrial electronics, hydraulics and pneumatic systems, P&ID design, PID controller programming, natural gas and oil technologies, instrumentation implementation and troubleshooting, general robotics, micro controller programming, basic mechanical engineering, process control management, manufacturing process design, industrial safety auditing, security consulting, Autocad, C, Python, LUA, VB, and much more that I cant think to list, or are redundant. My hobbies include reading, history, music, firearms, movies, photography, paranormal stuff, and the outdoors. Right now I do environment art (mostly for Valve's Source engine but also in the Unreal engine), film production, freelance programming, and various computer related work. You can contact me using the info in the website footer below, Mainly

While the name "shy studios" implies a studio of people, there is currently only me, Shy. If one day someone starts to work for me full time their info will be added to this page.