Magnasanti Recreated in 4K

By: Shy - [02/27/2021]

You can download the Omnika Archive HERE.

Anyone who is into good city builder games knows about the crown jewel of sc3k cities, Magnasanti by Imperar Omnika. Completed in 2009 this Sim City 3000 city has a population of over 6 million all achieved using pure skill and dedication. This record has yet to be beaten without cheats as far as I know. The original video showcasing the city was removed and the only versions on youtube now are reuploads. Many of the original screenshots of the city are also lost due to various websites going down over time. Omnika stated he had plans to reupload everything, and even make a new video for Magnasanti but he never got around to it.

The above video is a partial remake of Omnika's original video showcasing the city. I have decided to remove many of the city statistics in favor of more high resolution footage of the cities themselves, but I tried to keep mostly true to the timings of the original video. I either remade or upscaled as much as possible, which for sc3k images is next to impossible. no AI tech produces a decent upscale on these kinds of images, you could train an ai on sc3k cities though and it would work im sure.

The main reason I made this video was because I was watching the original video again after hearing a song that reminded me of the 2nd song in the original video (which i still haven't found the name of) and thought, man I would love to make some desktop wallpapers of this city. Well I downloaded the original save file and did exactly that. I then got the idea to make a showcase video for the city in 4k, it was never going to be a remake of it just some glamor shots of the one city set to some sc3k music. But soon I fell down the rabbit hole of trying to find the original image archive (magnasanti.rar) and eventually came to a new purpose for this whole ordeal; archival.

I realized that this work of art is almost lost to time with the only existing and easily accessible record of it being the original video reupload. MANY SUCH CASES, not only in sc3k but in almost all games with community made content. So I have put together an archive, hosted on a platform that will hopefully be around for a long time (say that to megaupload LOL) that contains as many of the original images I could find. This also contains save files for many of Omnika's cities, including the matrix series and a few others. The archive also contains all of my super high res screenshots of some of the cities, however only Magnasanti's is made at 2x zoom(2nd from closest in game) coming in at a resolution of 17919x10385. Also included are my remade red on white grid patterns, the wallpaper im using on my computers now (wow i finally changed it?) all totaling around 130mb. you can download that archive at the link above!

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Over the years many people have wondered what the 2nd song in the original Magnasanti video was. No one was able to find the name or history of it. Lucky for me Omnika himself left a comment on my video explaining the history of the song. He even reuploaded a copy of the full version. His comment was originally marked as spam, it is only by some miracle that I decided to randomly check my “held for review” comments in time to see his post before it was automatically removed forever. The song is apparently from 2001 and is called “The Inner World” by “RepeaterMan”. Omnika had found the song originally from THIS video. There is also an archive of RepeaterMan’s channel. I’ve uploaded the audio of Omnika’s video copy HERE in case his video ever gets taken down. Below is Omnika’s upload of the song, as well as a screenshot of his original comment. As an aside, before finding the real song I had found something myself that sounded VERY similar. A video titled: Varese-Edgard-and-Le-Corbusier_Poeme-Electronique_1958 at around 2min 12 sec in. But I think this is just a coincidence that the two songs sound alike.

Read this one backwards