Phone Camera Perfection

By: Shy - [06/14/2023]

On July 19th 2011 I purchased my very first smartphone. It was the top of the line Motorola TRIUMPH a virgin mobile exclusive. I know the date because I got it the day before the official release by simply asking a guy at the store if they had any. The next day virgin mobile would have upped their plan price to 35$ a month to coincide with the release of the triumph. I got in the day before at a sick 25$ a month for unlimited everything and was grandfathered in. I used this phone till March 2017 when I switched to the iphone SE with TING I am still using today. The iphone cost exactly the same as the triumph, 300$ the most I ever want to pay for a phone. In its nearly 6 years of service I used the hell out of it. Maybe one day ill make a post about all my cool custom themes.

This page has most of the good images I can find that were taken with this phone. None of them were really intentional. The majority of these were actually taken through a glass window in a moving vehicle, I think only like 12 of them aren’t. The first image here is actually the first image I ever took with the phone camera, just to test it out. Funny enough it is probably the best photo I’ve ever taken. I think all of these were actually taken in 2011-12 idk what happened to all my other pics.

these next few pics I call my "album art collection" because they would look good as album art. If you wanna license any of my pics hmu.