RuneScape Recreated in RollerCoaster Tycoon

By: Shy - [01/29/2020]

Here it is boys here it is. RuneScape remade in RollerCoaster Tycoon.

You can download the scenario HERE.

You can download a zip of all 4 full sized high quality screenshots HERE.

I originally wanted to update my site first before posting the map to reddit but my buddy steve posted it for me haha. I am really glad everyone likes the map so much and it would be really cool if you could SLAM THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON on youtube to see really cool videos like “video of me drinking chocolate milk” and “video of me eating a candy” and “how to click a checkbox (5 min video)”.

It took about a month of chilling and listening to podcasts to make this bad boy. I neglected playing trouble brewing (my favorite minigame) just so I didn't have to leave the spot I was currently working on. I walked around the entire map doing mostly everything by eye or the minimap. I had to take a lot of liberties with things because the selection of scenery I had was quite limited. The only diagonal walls in the entire map are the ones at Lumbridge castle. For the terrain I used an older heightmap I found on imgur by some miracle. I actually researched trying to extract height data from the actual game for a really long time. Lots of really cool info on a forum I found called “rune-server” I tried many programs there and none of them ran in linux or wine correctly so I began looking into writing my own program haha. There is also a blog post on osrsbox that explains model extraction and I may look into that later because I would love to 3d print some RuneScape models! Here is a pastebin link to all of the tabs I had open while researching this. The most promising of which is the 2d map viewer by “funkE” it uses tile color data and height data to shade a 2d map it is really cool and im sure it wouldn't be too hard to use this code to extract raw heightmap data but again I was not going to run this on my main computer so the linux machine that has no backwards compatibility for any software at all refused to compile this because OH NO IT USES DEPRECATED CODE!! CANT COMPILE NOW! Honestly fuck java. So anyway I found an older heightmap on imgur, cropped it and resized it down to something that could fit in rct2 and imported it into the game. I then spent hours tweaking the import options because it turns out nothing was really quite right. Reading some of those forum posts you find code that explains how jagex does smoothing between heightmap data-points. RollerCoaster Tycoon does not have anything close to how RuneScape handles it so I had to try a lot of things to get it looking right. In the end a lot of areas needed to be manually sculpted anyway.

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