This is a list of everything else! Things like direct downloads to obscure files or maybe even links to other websites!
  • Shy's Steam account
  • Shy's Gaia account ADD ME!!!!
  • Shy's Bandcamp collection
  • Shy's reddit account
  • dirmngr-pth-fix.patch - A link to a patch needed to fix dirmngr on osx but homebrew is broken so i have to host it myself
  • LessChrome HD Firefox addon. hides the url bar until you hover over it, kinda buggy but super cool I can't find it anywhere GREAT for saving screen realestate.
  • My NEWTAB page as im sick af of the froced google political agenda on the bottom of my newtab default page
  • List of the better looking ipod rockbox themes
  • My personal HOSTS file