Here are a bunch of images in no real order showing some of the map's development, the map is still not finished as of right now but will be shortly. Once finished the gallery will be moved to a sub page.

Shy Studios was contracted to build this map in early November 2016. The development started slow as there are VERY few resources that correlate the hogwarts layout inside and out. The first area made was the great hall, for many reasons:

  1. The great hall in the real layout was offset at a 45 degree angle from the rest of the school
  2. Using an instance the great hall could be rotated without any ill effects (more on that later)
  3. The great hall could be used as a scaler for the entire layout, allowing for measurements based off simple ratios
  4. Doing a full art pass first gave SBS a look at what to expect in the future
  5. Having the GH done allowed for a general idea of how high up from the water the whole school should be. An ideal look was attained from the boathouse.
Sadly, due to the goofy nature of the way source handles complex brushwork, the great hall had to be placed on grid. In reality models could have been made for the brushes and it IS possible the great hall could have been made at an angle, however it would significantly change the inner block structure of the hall to such an extent that it was simply not worth it. Putting the hall on-grid had some positive effects. Doing this allowed for a better sealing geometry around the bottom of the map. Originally the idea was to have the great hall's bottom sealing structure sitting on top of a normal brush at an angle, with hopes BSP would correct and merge the faces.

The terrain was made, destroyed and remade again multiple times until it looked good enough. Doing sharp rocky cliffs in source is next to impossible without super high res textures, or massive models. Things get ugly fast when you stat seeing tiling textures on land. Once everything looked good enough, the boathouse was made as the main spawn point.

The next big area was the grand staircase. Lots of development went into just doing measurement tests for this area. Eventually a stair model was made but the col mesh simply would not work correctly no matter what solution was tried. This led to the simplification of the grand staircase route. This area was never going to be more than an entrance, exit, Gryffindor common room, potions, and slytherin common room. This really makes the grand staircase a hallway with 5 doors. The stairs the player can walk on do not ever move so they cannot be exploited or hurt the server in anyway. There are always things like this you have to think of when building any multiplayer map and moving objects are one of the biggest things that can be broken easily. Slowly the 3 main rooms were designed, built, and detailed. All 3 built as close to the films as possible for the LOD target.

The next part of development was the hallway connecting the grand staircase to ravenclaw tower, this also included the bathroom and the medical "wing". The medical ROOM was mostly based off steinmans rp_hogwarts medical room but up to the level of detail for this map. The bathroom started out as an empty square with no real life in it. It was rebuilt to be a hex shape like in the movies. The stairs leading up to the ravenclaw common-room were a bit of a test. The external structure of this area was made and ravenclaw's room was also made. The stairs ended up having to be a strange measurement from the hallway to the bridge, and to get the movie look a model had to be made. In source spiral stairs MUST have a center pillar so the clipping brushes can be created properly in BPS. One could make the center pillar invisible but that could cause the geometry to pop into view. So the solution is to model the stairs and use the clips as the col-mesh for the model.

Now that ravenclaw tower was done it let me get a size of the viaduct entrance's left most turret. From there I had a reference point to build everything else off of. An Architectural drawling of the schools layout was found and measurements were taken from that for almost the entire school section of the castle. The courtyard was the first thing to be semi-detailed due to the need to get the models aligned with the rest of the area. Next models for the towers were made an placed in the skybox. After the skybox was perfected the areas were connected using a rough hallway system, these evolved into better hallways and the 4 classrooms were made.

At the time of writing the final touches to the school are being made, and the outer landscape is being planned. The map will be done very soon!

I hope you will get to play this map someday! SBS gaming has EXCLUSIVE rights to use this map and will be available though their servers only. If you would like a map made feel free to contact us, however please note a map of this size and detail is a massive undertaking and will cost quite a lot.