3ds Max Tips & Tricks

Last Updated - [5/18/2023]

There arn't that many tips here yet but I'll add more eventually maybe idk lol

  • rotate every selected object around its y axis a random value between -2 and 2:
  • For i in selection do i.rotation.y_rotation = random -2.0 2.0
  • the D key will toggle the 'disabled' mode of a selected viewport, this means it will not update that viewport until you have it selected, it also disables selection outlines. This can be confusing to a new user because pressing D is super easy to do on accident.
  • the SPACEBAR will enable selection lock toggle, this will lock you into the current tool you have, as well as what it has selected and it will not allow you to do anything else till it is disabled. This can be annoying and again it is easy to do on accident.
  • if you try and weld verts using inch units it will only let you weld to like a minimum of uhh 1/100"? depending on ur unit setup but if you set it to mm it lets you weld with a MUCH lower threshold like 0.05mm, very useful for fixing messed up model imports of super small objects!