This is a list of everything else! Things like direct downloads to obscure files or maybe even links to other websites!

Other ShyStudios Pages:

  • -living Article- A collection of Quotes
  • -living Article- Shy's Recipe Book
  • -living Article- Shy's Book Collection & Wantlist
  • -living Article- Shy's vinyl collection
  • -living Article- Useful CLI related stuff
  • -living Article- 3ds Max Tips & Tricks
  • -living Article- Cool Source Engine console commands
  • Shy's personal HOSTS file
  • Shy's NEWTAB page
  • The ShyStudios BBS: come talk some shit... if you DARE!
  • External Source Engine Resources:

  • [developer.valvesoftware.com] The VDC, the most complete knowledgebase of source 1 and 2 info
  • [src-ents.shoutwiki.com] An alternative to VDC wiki that is better in some ways
  • [gvar.net] Gvarados's website. Another excellent full-spectrum Source focused developer.