Shy's Recipes

Last Updated - [9/04/2023]

There arn't that many here yet but I'll add more eventually

[Shy’s Dandelion Cookies]

  • Half cup dandelion flowers (mostly the yellow petals) with as little green stuff as possible. A little bit is okay and the white fluffy stuff is fine too, it adds more fiber and makes the cookies soft.
  • 4 Tablespoons of soft butter and a lil bit of coconut oil
  • Half cup of whole grain all purpose flour. (USDA ORGANIC ONLY BRO)
  • a bunch of powered sugar, some honey, vanilla, lemon juice, and maybe some lemon zest.
  • I mix the sugar with the butter till I get a bit of a cream. Use your judgment with how much sugar to add. Throw in the vanilla, honey, and possibly some lemon zest. I then start adding the flowers and the flour and kneed till I have a dough like substance. I roll this into a log and cut it up into 9 little balls. I put these in the oven for 11 ish min at 350F.

    To make an icing I just mix powered sugar with lemon juice, add more sugar to make it thicker, you pour this on top of the cookies and it will solidify after a few min.

    These cookies are very mild and chewy, great to make immediately after dandelion harvest because you can just rip the tops off of the base of the flower while it is still slightly moist.

    [Short Grain Rice - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE!]

    For every 1 CUP of rice, add 10oz of water. Using this weird measurement makes doing quick maths ez no brain power required to figure out the amount of water needed for 1.5 cups of rice or something like that.

    Before you add your measured water, soak ur rice and mix it up real good with your hand till the water is milky white. Drain that out then add your measured water. Then press the COOK button on the rice cooker and wait. Maybe mix it up after like 5 min? If you want?