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well the car is a concept, it is a transportation tool that uses motor function, vision, hearing, and feel. It is a complete sensory experience that was crafted by another individual for the use of a consumer. Some of the things and engineer does can be completely hidden unless you know what you are looking for and other things can be dramatic and easily understood. ~addi

An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity, a physicist tries to make it simple, for an idiot anything the more complicated it is the more he will admire it, if you make something so clusterfucked he can't understand it he's gonna think you're a god cause you made it so complicated nobody can understand it. That's how they write journals in Academics, they try to make it so complicated people think you're a genius ~Terry Davis

If you guys have ideas for things to do, let me know. I probably will ignore them. ~Terry Davis

Once you start drinking tea or whatever from pints/mason jars or anything that holds atleast half a liter, you can't go back! It's allows you to be a more efficient NEET (^ー^)o自自o(^ー^) ~ayashii anon 2022/06/20

I seen one guy in Snapchat short videos. He saying different random people that they looks good. But he often use word «sick». Like «Your have sick tattoos» or «Your haircut is sick». But as I know sick means something bad. Not? ~vlad

My gf started to use English only in our chatting. Yesterday we visit cinema, movie about wolf who work at «wall» street and whole movie was without any translation. ~vlad

BRANDS defined what a hacker looks like. he buys all kids of hardware he doesnt utilize, funkos, minion plushies, goes to defcon, uses dark mode. he is antipiracy and thinks streaming services and drm are good and earnestly believes that russia and north korea are behind all major cyber attacks. ~sb

If anyone ever needs their centurylink pppoe password and can't or doesn't want to call the office, sniff the handshake on the line and brute force the chap+MD5 password. Passwords are 8 characters uppercase and lowercase, no digits, no special characters. This leaves 4.8e13 passwords to try which you can get done in a weekend. ~Justiss Guyoono

Every man must eat his own sandwich ~gex

porn is the same as choclate cake. the brain over rewards for something thats too easy and addictive ~ted

I wish that I could say this without coming off as abrasive and combative, but I simply do not understand what 95% of people on Neocities believe themselves to be doing. They preach about the old, decentralised Web then shill Disc*rd and their social media platforms. They talk about how the old, FREE Web was great and then attempt to cancel and silence anyone whose speech they disagree with. Not to mention the majority of the sites are just glorified ABOUT ME pages and advertisements for people's nu-Web profiles instead of the interesting, creative content that filled the old Web. ~Koshka

Hell is using computers ~addi

Never discuss cheese with rats, talk bread with birds or make moves with snakes. ~Jeff Epstein

I can lock down my browser and gain some means of control over what data google steals. You cannot do that with a launher you are forced to install to play a game. ~icouldntthinkofaname

You matter, you are here for a reason, god didn’t give you life for no reason, find your journey no matter how big or how small and embrace it and you will live and you will live so well. ~Owen Benjamin #1496

All of that “advanced”stuff in school is useless, I’d say 30% of it is straight up lies and the rest can’t be applied to anyone's life. I had a neighbor come by recently and identify over 50 different plants on our land and tell us how they are used. My other friend who didn’t go to college can make his own guns and bullets. I know a guy who can make diesel fuel from biomass in his yard, none of this is taught in school. School teaches how to submit, memorize, accept debt, and follow evil orders. ~Owen Benjamin #1485

When the hole is a perfect fit, it is hard to get in. ~unknown

Being confined, highly mental, and pre planned makes ur dick bad. Being heart based and flow state makes ur dick good ~Owen (I think)

The only thing that youtube actively censors is accusations of pedophilia/satanism and the word nigger. ~secret youtube insider

Do not share your knowledge with those who do not seek it. ~unknown

I used to actually enjoy smoking cigs. I used to smoke like 5 a day. Then I got up to 10 or more. After a while it just became a joyless addiction. I was sick of having to go outside every hour or so, I was sick of having a raspy throat and dry mouth. ~anon no.24757

Smoking should be something special, a cig should be ENJOYED, slowly, and preferably with friends. Smoking anything shouldn't be a meaningless oral fixation. ~Shy

we gotta drop the naive shtick that having opinions on games is a qualification for understanding just about anything about development ~danny o'dwyer

The computer is made a general scapegoat at the same time it's covering up for what somebody wants to do anyway. "it has to be this way", "the computer will not allow this", "the computer won't let us" The translation is, of course, THE STINKY LOUSY PROGRAM DOES NOT PERMIT IT. Which means in turn: WE DO NOT CHOOSE TO PROVIDE, IN OUR PROGRAMS AND EQUIPMENT, ANY ALTERNATIVES. ~Ted Nelson, Computer lib 1974

"Artificial Intelligence" is at once the sexiest and most ominous term in the world. It chills and impresses at the same time. In principle it means the simulation of processes of mind, by any means at all; Actually, "AI" has generally become an all-inclusive term for systems that amaze, astound, mystify, and do not operate according to principles which can be easily explained.... Unfortunately laymen are so impressed by computers in general that they easily suppose computers can do anything involving information. ~Ted Nelson, Computer lib 1974

The whole “the J’s made us go to war” is making the J your god. If another man can make you choose to pick up a weapon, travel thousands of miles, shoot the weapon at a complete stranger and pull the trigger, then that man is your god. God your creator has given you free will that cannot be taken by man unless you offer it. The exchange is lead for gold, it’s the ancient deal. And no one can make you do it. ~Owen Benjamin Dec 7th 2022

you need two REAL EYES to REALISE. A single eye, even if all seeing, has no depth perception. ~probably Owen

Compromise is always wrong if it means sacrificing a principle. ~A fortune cookie

Lowering the barrier for entry does not improve technology, it just makes the products born of it worse... But if you are making art then you should understand your tools and use materials that offer the most longevity... ~Tom morrow

tupac spoke the truth i think the goverment killed him if he was still around he will have a website to speak the truth on. ~shesheli

public schools teaches us not to think. the goverment has a system to blind us. we have no sight. were blinded to things in front of us. :stare: ; i hate school you have to carry harry bags full of work. didnt you ever notice its the same cycle preeschool, school, college, work......we do the same thing all our lives no time to think about the things truely important. ~shesheli

t-v tells lies 2 ur vision; okay u know the t-v right , everyone knows about the tv!!! the tv is a system to keep us domesticate us and entertain us thats wat it does... ohya and this is not on topic but i totally HATE SCHOOL :scream: it like totally does the same thing it makes u have no life work work work blah blah ~shesheli

Spary foam will be the new asbestos in the coming decades. It offgasses forever, it cracks and allows air and moisure leakage. It degrades into crumbs. Building science is a real, good thing, but they need to think longer term with the systems they build with. Also look into the cumulative offgassing of products. "no VOC" means "it's VOC's are offgassed over an extremely long peroid of time and every other non/low VOC product in your house does the same, so you are essentially living in a constant state of super elevated VOC's. Where as a product with extremely high VOC's offgass almost immediately and then become inert. ~anon

Client bans/changes don't stop botting, Botters use the vanilla client to begin with. Also the GE bots are always completely unaffected and jagex refuses to care. By now it is very clear jagex allows certain bots and only issues bans and ban waves in a structured way to keep botters in profit so they keep returning and subscribing. According to jagex the resource gathering bots that do very little to affect your game experience are evil, but the gambling, scamming, begging, and ge bots that are constantly in your face are a okay! ~V

I would never buy a product I do not want even if it means in the future I MIGHT be able to buy another product that I do want. What kind of end user would buy something they DO NOT WANT? The 1% or less of people who will buy something they don't want for the chance to have a company make something they DO want in the future is not going to alter the comapany's choice to make something they do want because the people who actually do want the product they are selling now and buy it make up 99% of the sales. "buy now so you can buy later" is basically a cult like mantra or marketing strategy. Your singular non purchase of something is not going to change the company at all. The people who want, buy, and enjoy using the product are the ones moving the company forward. The people trying to get you to purchase something that is not what you want are more than likely experiencing some form of buyers remorse or some other mental issues OR they are actually just paid(?) marketing people trying to convince you to buy something. ~Shy on the framework laptop "buy now so they make better ones later" nonsense

I dont take advice from people with less kids than me ~addi

The real tragedy of “climate change” is that it’s such horse shit that it shadows actual environmental issues. It’s easy to tune out any environmentalist because “climate change” is basically a fake end times prophecy for the dumbest religion in human history. ~Owen Benjamin 4/18/23

I have taken around 4000 plates with my 8x10 camera and of those I show about one percent. ~Toshio Shibata 2008

The death of Flash was 90% political, 10% due to security issues (the severity which is debatable) and entirely unnecessary. It was the ultra-modern equivalent of a hostile takeover, wherein a technology/platform/ideology is wrongfully extinguished from the public sphere by way of 1) a propaganda giant (Google) creating an often inferior competitor (amorphous "HTML5"), 2) assimilating the vast majority of the relevant market's user base (browsers, ergo nearly all computer users), 3) holding the competitor's technology hostage using your technology (Flash typically requires a web browser), 4) eventually excluding the competitor's technology from their monopoly product (Chrome), and then 5) finally making statements that the competitor was a threat to your security and that we are all now so much safer in the hands of big brother. This was a protracted process that first showed signs of the inevitable conclusion somewhere around 2012. For anyone who was involved with Adobe software at the time, the writing was simply on the wall. It's not the first or even the hundredth technology to die a gruesome death this way, but it is probably the most famous example where most people believed the "slavery is freedom" message from their Google overlords. Flash old, flash bad. Flash insecure cause Chrome say so. I like Chrome. Chrome never lie to me. Chrome say stop using Flash. Flash bad.

At the end of the day, the only meaningful difference between Flash and Google's "HTML5" (I put it in quotes because HTML5 itself was just a stepping stone to their current custom elements autocracy) was merely whose hands it was in. The use cases and applications of both technologies are very, very similar, but the winner is always the company who can lie to the most people. Google realized pretty quickly that the web browser was the single most visited thing in computer users' daily lives. Then they forgot to change their motto to "always do evil" when they started using Chrome for propaganda. Adobe didn't have that iron grip over the flow of information to the people. They didn't stand a chance with Google turning most of Adobe's own end users against Adobe.

Somewhat off-topic, but you asked (tangentially), and since MDL is place that tends to shun propaganda in favor of reality, I thought I'd explain this. The larger connection to the OP and this topic is that you should wield skepticism when regarding statements like "oh you can't use this any more because it's insecure". Who says it's insecure? A competitor? What do they have to gain by smearing their competition? (see Flash story) Or, is company is claiming their own product is insecure? What do they have to gain by compelling you to update? (more spyware, more PII harvesting, etc.) Is there a published write-up on the alleged insecurity? What is the extent of the insecurity? And, most importantly, was there even an insecurity in the first place, or is the company hiding behind the "update to be secure" message in order to hold an iron grip over its users? You don't have to be an engineer or infosec guy just to be a scrupulous user. Cultivate your bulls**t detector. ~FuzzleSnuz MDL post 1/9/23

Most of my life I wondered if my paintings would improve if I used better paint brushes or paint and when I finally did it made no difference! Most of the time the tools don't matter and those who obsess over tools and not creativity and resourcefulness will never get as far. Leonardo da vinci created masterpieces with a stick of charcoal, hollywood did just fine without raw, log, or luts for over a hundred years and some of the most beautiful images to ever grace the silver screen were created! ~Markus Rothkranz

Technology is great it can help make life easier, but when you focus on technology and not originality, heart, story, and emotional message you are asking for trouble. No matter how slick the technology that you use is, it cannot make your work a masterpiece! Never depend on technology to make you a good photographer or filmmaker, depending on technology is dangerous. ~Markus Rothkranz

To be successful you need to understand the difference between nerds and artists; artists are not afraid to take chances, to try new things, and their main focus is to tell a story, to elicit an emotion. Nerds on the other hand focus all their energies on specs and numbers and test charts and whatever is new and complex and expensive, They compare everything and they over analyze. Artists don't care about any of that they don't compare themselves or their work with anyone. Slow motion shots and blurry backgrounds do not make someone a great filmmaker. Special effects, gamma curves, megapixels, and dynamic range don't make a movie great. Storytelling does. ~Markus Rothkranz

This is a cool quote! ~Shy