ShyStudios XProtect INFO

ShyStudios XProtect AKA XPRO is a new, advanced BSP obfuscator designed originally for rp_hogsmeade_sbs. XPRO uses methods that were developed in house in combination with multiple other methods of protection that have been used in the past to help your artwork from being modified and or stolen.

What XProtect Does:

Decompile Protection:

Legally we cannot claim that XPRO stops a map from being decompiled as ANYONE determined enough can always get around any protection. However XPRO DOES make it significantly more difficult for the average person to modify and recompile your map. This means time from map release till reverse engineer should be significantly longer with XProtect.

Server Locking:

XPRO Uses the time tested method of entity separation to 'lock' a bsp to a specific server. HOWEVER, this method is only as secure as your server's security. If your server is insecure, or your server provider decides to access your files, or someone leaks the file, your map WILL be stolen. It is also possible for players to run client side code that can duplicate server entities, XPRO has SOME protection against this but like all things, nothing is totally secure when dealing with an advanced attacker. This entity separation method is a common practice used for years and there is free software available to perform this without the need for XProtect. If your map is intended to be uploaded to the workshop this part of XProtect usually CANNOT be used. It is against the workshop rules to upload maps that do not function.

‘Fun’ Protection:

While not a direct protection, XProtect can add a fun alternative area to the map (as seen in rp_hogsmeade_sbs) which will only be accessed when the protected map is ran on its own. The possibilities with this are essentially unlimited, an entire alternative map could be built or even a demo version of your map! (which would be allowed on the workshop!) The more complex you want this feature to be the more it will cost you. Included in the price is a simple message that displays when the map is loaded. (As seen in rp_hogwarts_sbs)

Terms and Requirements:

XProtect is not a product, but a paid service. Pricing starts at $1337 USD* PER MAP VERSION** and goes up depending on the complexity and any modifications needed for your map. Your map MUST be compilable using standard gmod or valve compilers, 3rd party compilers will not be used***. You MUST provide, Vmf’s and ALL content required to compile and test your map. It is recommended to send your Vmf files in an encrypted container using VeraCrypt to keep them safe. Your map will be looked over, tested, and evaluated. Evaluation costs 100$ up front (part of the total cost) and is non refundable even if your map is deemed to be unsuitable for protection. Please only submit maps that are in a finished and optimized WORKING state. Some styles of map may not be as protectable as others. ShyStudios will modify, then compile your map, protect your map, and upon payment in full, deliver you a BSP and the files required to run the map****. ShyStudios WILL NOT pack custom content into the bsp for you. It is up to you to do this. ShyStudios will delete ALL content from our end after delivery conformation from your side. Once delivered, it is not our responsibility to ensure the safety of these files. If you lose the files you must start the process over again as if it were a new map. You MUST be the original creator or owner of the map in question, we do not protect map edits. Please email Shy for further info.

* Payments via Gold, Silver, or Physical Cash will be given discounts.

** Discounts MAY be offered for bulk agreements. IE If you plan a rolling release we will not charge you the full cost each time, depending on project style and changes needed each time.

*** Unless source code (or diff/patch files relative to the leaked csgo source code) is available.

**** Depending on payment method, delivery may be held for up to 30 days.