I am OPEN for map commissions!

Source Engine Environment Art - "Mapping"

Environment art is the full design and creation of worlds, levels, buildings or even rooms usually (but not always) inside of a digital environment. Typically in the gaming community, environment art is refereed to as “Mapping” but mapping, or raw level design, is simply one aspect to a completed “map”. Shy Studios provides full spectrum Environment art services including but not limited to: Level Design, Level Testing, Texture Creation, Model Creation, Game Logic Development, Sound Scripting, Sound Engineering, Post Processing, Special Effects, and Lighting. I do not release art that isn't up to my minimum standard of quality and perfection. I am most likely not willing to create a city map for you, use rp_unioncity for a city map that exceeds my standards. I will not make you a custom version of Hogwarts or modify already existing maps.

If you are serious about commissioning a source engine map email me(shy@memeware.net). Please provide a basic layout idea (even a quick ms-paint drawling is fine), some kind of reference material, and as many details you can give. Typically a contract is written up and agreed to by all parties before any work begins. Details will be discussed via email first then later by im or voice on whatever platform is most convenient, usually steam or teamspeak. I like to examine community gameplay first before doing anything to get an idea of how your players function in their existing map. Please do not add me on steam to ask me about mapping unless we have already spoken via email first.

Pricing is entirely dependent on your project needs but typically is between four and five figures. Payment is usually done via paypal, however I give discounts if paying in crypto or physical cash! I charge hourly however I am also open to other methods including royalties, flat payments, and a mix.

Other Services I Offer

I provide: General Modeling, Landscape Creation, Skydome Creation, Texture Creation, Sound Design, Soundscape Scripting, Video Production, Video Editing, CADD (f360), Model porting (in some circumstances), and Map Consulting. I am willing to take one offs or very small projects even if I am currently not accepting mapping commissions. Typically Charging around 100-200$ an hour depending on complexity and service needed. Modeling usually includes texture creation. If I am not working on a large project I am usually willing to do these services for less money or work on an entire project (ex. making an entire texture set for your needs) I do not do character modeling, character animation, rigging, or weight painting.




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