Spring 2023 Shystudios Update!

By: Shy - [05/17/2023]

In just one year the ShyStudios website has gotten over twenty thousand visits! What’s more impressive is the discord articles have been viewed over ten thousand times since the counters were added in late july. I suspect a lot of people are visiting the discord articles directly. I have actually seen the discord of discord article linked in a few places online. In last year’s spring update I talked about wanting to write more articles, well sadly in 2022 I only put out 6 total articles, the same amount as in 2021. However I have been doing a lot of updates to other parts of the site, mainly the “etc” aka “other stuff” aka “everything else” section. This entire page was restructured once earlier this year going from ee.html to etc.html and now with this update it is being rebuilt again.

I want to add more links to external resources on the etc page but in a cleaner manner. I will be removing a lot of things from the etc section initially but I plan to add them back in a better way, hopefully with some form of category system. This is mainly being done to clean up my files directory a little bit as right now it has a ton of little text files that could be made into proper pages on the site.

I’ve also introduced a new feature that I call “living articles” or “living pages” These will be pages that new information will be added to consistently over time. You may have noticed my quotes page or my cool command line commands page; both are examples of living articles. These pages are great examples of what I plan on doing with this concept. Some of the things on the etc page have already been converted into living articles or will be in the future. Right now these living articles are going to exist only in the etc section of the site, however I am considering putting them in the main articles section but separated somehow from the main chronological static articles. Other living articles might be stuff like: my vinyl collection list, short movie reviews, anime reviews, best 2hu girl list, or even a list of YouTube channels I like. The discord of discord article actually has a quasi living section at the bottom where I list examples of discord caused by discord.

Some stuff I am iffy about making into living or normal articles, for example in etc I have a link to a text file with a list of rockbox themes that I like. I more than likely will not add to this list in the future since I don’t see myself reinstalling rockbox on my ipod, at least for a really long time. Because I don’t think it will be updated often I don’t think it would truly be a living article, despite it being a list. I could just simply make this a normal static article and forget about it. I can always update my normal articles but I like to keep them as static as possible. Please let me know what you think about where I should put the living articles by posting on the bbs or by emailing me.

Speaking of email my transition from memeware.net to my own self hosted email seems to be mostly complete, though I still do get the occasional message from random gmod people to my memeware email. I think this is because they are playing on pirated versions of my maps which are outdated and still have my old email on them. While I do still check and use my memeware email quite a lot I do not officially support it anymore so don’t message me there, you will prob not get a reply. This is mainly because I am unable to send messages to gmail, and outlook users from the memeware address, it gets completely filtered out by their systems.

I have probably said this somewhere before but if you have emailed my memeware email address anytime in the last few years and you did not get a response, it is probably because your email provider deleted my reply. My new shystudios.us email does occasionally get sent to spam on gmail, even when the person emails me first which is completely bullshit. But luckily the mails DO get through.

So please send all business inquires to my new mail which is listed on the site's about page! I just link there so that way if it changes again in the future I only have to change that one page. In general if you just want to tell me something or ask small questions you might be better off using the bbs or just commenting on youtube, assuming youtube decides to actually notify me of your comment… In other news, I have made an Instagram account. It was a major pain in the ass because I think I have some kind of ip range blocked on my local network so I couldn’t register an account without using a vpn. Go follow me on insta @shystudios.us I mainly made this as an outlet to post artwork and photos, but I am considering just posting random shit, not totally sure yet.

Twitter no longer lets me upload photos from my version of chrome so guess I’m not gonna be posting pics on twitter anymore! I am also considering making a tick tock account to possibly help drive more traffic to youtube, and speaking of youtube the channel just hit 850 subs! I encourage you to go subscribe now if you are not already. I have TONS of videos in the pipeline and many of them will include accompanying articles here. I also have fully mirrored all of the shystudios youtube videos over to vidlii. I usually upload my videos early there and I also post tons of stuff that can’t go on youtube for various reasons.

I am very busy with many different projects but I would still like to publish more than six articles this year, though I am quite behind on that already. I am still working on the hogsmeade article but that has been delayed as the situation with gmod changed and I am getting new information. I would like to write a whole article going over how I think WB and facepunch both mishandled the entire manner. I also have TONS of old hprp footage that I need to edit into funny videos. I would really like to focus this year on editing down my raw gaming footage into actual videos.

I could go on talking about more stuff but I will save it for future articles. Thanks for reading!